Saturday, 24 November 2012

Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday #55

Welcome to another #sffsat snippet! Thanks for stopping by and your comments each week. I have great news - Terms & Conditions Apply has finally released, woo hoo! As of this week you can get it from Smashwords or Amazon - it should be on Kobo and B&N in the (hopefully) not-to-distant future. So I'm continuing with the story this week, and Marie is trying to convince herself that Soren really isn't anything other than a mechanical copy of a man...
But what a gorgeous one, with all those sleek muscles bunching under the silver skinsuit and those waves of blond hair and those eyes…
Marie twitched, stopping her traitorous thoughts dead in their tracks as she seized her kavril. The heat of it through the glass seared her palms but she didn’t care. It gave her a distraction, albeit a painful one.
Soren made a sound of disapproval and drew her hands away from the glass. “Don’t damage yourself.”
She pulled herself free and curled her fingers against the stinging in her palms. “You have no right to touch me.”
“I’m not allowed to permit harm to come to any visitor here. Unless that is what they seek.”

BTW, after questions about it, kavril is the equivalent of coffee. A universe without caffeine just gives me the shudders! :-P

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  1. The last line made me wonder what sort of activities go on in this place. Heh. :-)

  2. "I’m not allowed to permit harm to come to any visitor here. Unless that is what they seek." Great line! Puts an entirely different spin on the first law of Robotics. Made me laugh out loud - great snippet.

  3. Hmm, modified Asimovian laws...interesting.

    1. Aiming more for the suggested Laws of Humanics. Long time since I read Asimov.

  4. Nice. You packed internal conflict, taboo love, and pending mortal danger into a ten line snippet.

  5. Ouu, something good is coming out of this!

  6. I always enjoy your details and today is no different...lovely description. But the last line, about preventing visitors from hurting themselves unless desired--there's such a hint at darkness. Love it. Want more.

  7. I shouldn't read any more of these snippets, since I got the book. Or should I...?? :D You did a great job at hinting at the slightly...err, kinky nature of this place.

  8. Yes, but who or what decides if that is what they desire?
    Jarn's here, btw--thought I'd signed up.

  9. Congratulations on the new release!
    Hard not to be distracted bythe muscles, blond hair, it.

  10. I have to say, Azimov's laws also came to mind. I think it's just part of any SF reader of a certain age's mind. :)

    I like this quite a bit. I'll have to check the full book out.


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