Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Terms & Conditions Apply - Released!

Cover Art by Danielle Fine

My newest release is now live - woo hoo! Terms & Conditions Apply - a hot scifi romance short story - can now be found on Smashwords.com in all digital formats, and on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk. I'm currently working on uploading it to Kobo, and at some point it will be out on the Nook for your enjoyment. I'll be doing a mini blog tour next week with a giveaway - keep following for updates on that!

Blurb -

“Welcome to Venus Ascendant, a Public Grade space station in the Andromedan Galaxy. With our open-to-all policy, any being in the universe can find their perfect R & R, romantic getaway or dangerous liaison at our purpose built resort. The on-board empathic AI Ganesa ensures that anyone coming to Venus Ascendant will find their heart’s desire, with suites that transform from luxurious boudoirs to sunset-lit beaches to dark BDSM dungeons. So come to Venus Ascendant and find exactly what you’re looking for!”

It was meant to be a romantic getaway for Marie and the love of her life Jaisen; a chance for him to get to know her better after months of her denying him more than a few stolen kisses. Instead, Marie finds herself dumped and alone on Venus Ascendant with no credit for a transmat and the next starship home not due for another hour.

But the all-seeing AI isn’t going to leave anyone aboard the space station with their dreams unfulfilled. Marie's boyfriend might not have made it to the station, but there are others willing and able to take on the role - even if they aren’t entirely human.

WARNING - not suitable for under 18's due to adult content.


  1. Congratulations, Pippa!! Sounds amazing!! I've bought my copy and can't wait to read it!! :D

  2. Congrats on the release, Pippa! Sounds like a book I'd love -- going to check it out now.


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