Saturday, 26 January 2013

Science Fiction Fantasy #58

Cover by Danielle Fine

Hello! *waves* Welcome to another #sffsat snippet, and my last from The Bones of the Sea. Well, it's free to download if you want to read the rest so I'm going to leave you with a final taster.

Myasi, are you done yet?
The question, out of the blue and resonating into her skull from her earpiece, set her heart pounding so hard within her chest that her wrist monitor bleeped in warning. Damn it! Couldnt they trust her to do her job without firing sudden demands at her?
She forced her voice out in a calm strand. Laying the last charge now, boss.
A sound grated in her ear, but she smiled. Tyet hated her using that term of reference. A small but pleasing payback for almost startling her into cardiac arrest.
As shed already promised she was doing so, she took the device from her waistband, activated it so that tiny emerald lights gleamed through the murk and set it into the mud beneath her artificially webbed feet.

© 2009-2013 Copyright Philippa J. Green All Rights Reserved

If you enjoyed that and want more, The Bones of the Sea is a free download at Smashwords, Kobo and B&N. And if you want more snippets, visit the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday blog by clicking on the banner below to meet some more talented authors.

Created by Gayle Ramage


  1. Boss - the unmentioned four letter word. Always love to see a character's internal thought and the dialogue be the opposite of how they really feel. Great details, as always.

  2. Well, you know what payback is ;)

    It's a great story and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't had the pleasure yet. The cover's good too!

  3. It's interesting how "boss" can be used in the derogatory.

    Good tension in this scene, Pippa!

    :) Heidi

  4. Good snippet - and I agree about the cover being good, too. I like the casual reference to her webbed feet - a very nice way of accentuating the strangeness.

  5. This has such a fantastic title and mood. This snippet shows us a lot about Myasi, her characters and her relationships with others.

  6. Enjoyed this when I downloaded it.

  7. Terrific snippet! You've build tension and character into this small passage and I'm going to have to read the rest of the snippets for more!
    Who am I kidding? I'm already downloading it.

  8. Once again-wonderful imagery. Webbed feet, emerald lights, murk, earpiece. Definitely paints an intriguing picture.

  9. (Sorry I'm commenting so late!)

    I loved the mood of this... and how startled she was. I get that way... in the zone and everything is quiet, then suddenly someone's at my desk asking a question and my heart is going 100 mph.

    I need to download this.

  10. Typical bosses, never leaving you alone to get on with your work. :)

  11. Great snippet. Love the enhancements - webbed feet and such.


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