Thursday, 18 April 2013

Cover Love - Judging by the Cover with Diane Dooley

Please welcome author Diane Dooley to the blog - intergalactic troublemaker, writing science fiction, romance and horror - with a twist on the Cover Love series.

As I was spending a deliriously happy few hours searching for my favorite SFR covers I came to a realization: I have a favorite cover artist! Her name is Kanaxa and you can view her galleries of cover art here.
With permission received from Pippa, I’m going to select my favorite covers from the various Kanaxa galleries and explain what I find particularly appealing about them.
From the Science Fiction gallery I chose Breaking Chance by Kim Knox. The SF elements are clear from the epic backdrop, and the male character stands out so strongly against it. I’m getting a ‘one man against the world’ vibe with this cover. I love how he is frontlit by the sunburst, while the black space makes me think this could be a dark and gritty story.
In the Contemporary gallery I fell in love with One Thousand Kisses by Jody Wallace. The embrace tells me this is a romance story. It promises passion and tenderness with the closed eyes and almost-kiss. The glowing droplets of light, scattered over the scene, more than suggests something magical in the setting and in the love between these two people.    
From the Historical/Time Travel gallery I selected Midnight Secrets by Jennifer St Giles. It’s a gorgeous ‘Dark and Stormy Night’ cover, reminding me of old gothic romances, complete with ravishing gown. I love the little details: the design around the series title, the rain effect, the splash of color in the ribbon, and the mud on the lower part of the pristine white of the gown.
In the Paranormal/Steampunk gallery I found Archer’s Lady by Moira Rogers. Despite the lady in the title, this cover is all about the man. The shadowed face, the crossed guns, the fiery background, the blood spatters bouncing off his hat. I’m intrigued. Who is this Archer? Is he as dark and violent as he seems. How could such a hardened man have won the heart of a lady?
In the Horror gallery I shuddered at The Seven Days of Cain by Ramsey Campbell. My eyes are glued to those statue-like figures who gaze out over a desolate landscape. What the hell are they? Is this a horror  story on a biblical scale or perhaps something post-apocalyptic? It’s dark, it’s ominous, it’s most definitely horror, the only light coming from a confused and pearly sky.    

There is no guarantee that I will love the stories behind these covers, but there is also no doubt that the covers did what they are supposed to do: they drew my eye, they made me look again, they sent me looking for blurbs and reviews and buy links. That’s a job well done.
Do you have a favorite of the ones I selected? Or another one from the Kanaxa galleries?
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Diane Dooley writes science fiction, horror and romance; short stories, novellas and novels.  
Learn about her books, short stories and social media venues on her blog: Writing, Stuff and Nonsense 


  1. Diane - One Thousand Kisses was the first to draw my eyes. And you know I love your covers, since they are blue. ;)

  2. I really love Breaking Chance and 1000 Kisses. Thanks for sharing, Diane! And thanks for stopping by, Jess. :)

  3. Thanks for the mention, Diane :) I do love that cover. It's so very Vin Diesel :D

    I have two other Kanaxa covers. Yay me! :) Satin Spar I think is my favourite, with Emergence coming in a very close second :)
    (The man on the cover of this on? Completely my hero :D )

  4. Thanks for commenting, everyone!

    @Kim - I am officially jealous of your three (!) Kanaxa covers.


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