Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A Quick Roundup - April 2013

On Friday I received the first round of edits for my sfr short Imprint, and on Saturday the final line-up for the anthology was announced. I'm excited and honoured to be included with such talented authors! The Science Fiction Romance Brigade anthology will be a FREE read with nine scifi rom stories, including one by Linnea Sinclair.

Tales from the SFR Brigade (Volume I)
Nine great science fiction romance stories by nine fabulous authors.
(Alphabetical by story title)
“Allure” by Amy Laurens
“Envy’s Revenge” by Berinn Rae
“Imprint” by Pippa Jay
“MISSION: Nam Selan” by Linnea Sinclair
“Nobody’s Present” by Marcella Burnard
“Sensations” by Liana Brooks
“The Stranger” by Kyndra Hatch
“Thief’s Ransom” by Jaleta Clegg
“Whisky and Starshine” by Erica Hayes
The expected release date is currently midsummer.
In other news...

Tyree from Tethered, as created by Danielle Fine
I'm still waiting for a response to my submitted sfr novella Tethered (BTW, isn't that picture gorgeous? My editor and cover designer made it for me) and an in-house anthology submission with my scifi short Flaming Angel. My cyberpunk short for another antho call is with a crit partner, and my dieselpunk superhero romance is with a beta reader.

One Year Published!
Next month I'll be celebrating Keir's one year book birthday on the 7th with a virtual party and giveaway. Various blue related recipes will be up on the blogs listed below, along with the prize details. There will also be a print edition of Keir up for grabs on Goodreads. My fellow party hosts are Misa Buckley, Jessica E Subject, Chantal Halpin, Liana Brooks and Karen Y Bynum. The prize? A beautiful blue crystal star pendant, available internationally.

June sees the release of my YA scifi novel Gethyon (which has various characters from Keir, but set some twenty years earlier) and I'll be touring for the whole month (see the Gethyon Book Tour tab under the main banner) with lots of giveaways! The 2nd SFR Brigade blog hop will also take part in June from the 21st - 25th, with more prizes!
In the meantime, I'm taking part in the Tortured Hero Blog Hop on the 25th - 28th of May, and I'll be highlighting the two characters who inspired my own tortured soul Keir. The next two months are so exciting!!

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