Friday, 12 July 2013

A Surprise in the Post

The last couple of weeks I've been taking a walk after dropping my little monsters at school, because the doctor told me to get some gentle exercise for my bad back. Wednesday I got home to find that dreaded red card from Royal Mail on my doormat. My stroll had meant I'd missed a delivery of a package because 'it's too large' and so it would be 'waiting for you at your local Delivery Office'. Sigh. By 'local' they mean right across town and not on a bus route, and with no parking options and in the most horrendously difficult place to drive to. So, I decided to ask for it to be redelivered, and planned to stay home to receive it.

But I was confused. The post-person had noted 'PHOTOS' on the card. I wasn't expecting any photos. Hadn't ordered any. School photos of the little monsters come home in their school bags, and in this digital age most photos from family and friends come via email or Facebook. Hubs hadn't ordered anything either. What the heck was it?!

So I sat at my computer and waited. My usual postie is a lovely lady who would leave any packages tucked out of sight for me rather than send it back to the depot (the guy who fills in for her sometimes is a stickler for the rules and doesn't bother to be helpful), but I left a note to leave the package if I didn't answer, just in case. However, I saw her walk past my window and she waved the envelop at me. It was big, for a photo. Even more bewildering!

It had come in a padded envelope, with both my real and pen names on the outside. It had come from the US. But I was none the wiser from the envelope, and couldn't get it open fast enough. And I was surprised by the contents.

My first award certificate! Yay! I hadn't expected one at all, and since the winners and finalists were announced back in April, receiving it now came as a bit of a shock. But a wonderful one! It has got a little bit battered in its travels, but that'll flatten out when I frame it. With thanks to the Gulf Coast Chapter, Romance Writers of America. You just made my day. :)


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