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Saturday, 13 July 2013

#Science #Fiction #Fantasy Saturday #64

The 'cover' I made for NaNoWriMo

Hello! *waves* Welcome back to another #sffsat snippet, and thanks for stopping by (and for the comments last week). This week I'm leaving Imprint (because most of you apparently couldn't stand the suspense and scurried off to get/read the anthology - thank you!) and visiting a different WIP. This is from my #decopunk superhero romance story (yeah, I know, that's a mouthful) and we're just about to meet the two main characters...

Viscous and reeking, the night sky hung over the city of Art Deco towers and buildings like an oil-slick. Behind her, the metallic chinking of the cloudburner cooling after a day spent scorching the sky ticked away the seconds like a clock.
The deep male voice sent a shiver down her back, and she turned. “Ah, my faithful Shadow - ready for another night-time jaunt?”
A figure stepped out of the darkness to join her. He matched her for height, his whipcord frame clad in a charcoal-colored armor vest, black combats and a hip-length military jacket. When the rooftop lights hit his face, the chiseled jawline showed, his skin a dark tan. He wore a mask over his eyes, but his teeth gleamed white when he smiled. And when he smiled, something inside Nelle set her heart racing.

And there you have it. Still got a long way to go on that one before I can even think about submitting it, or whatever I decide to do with it. In the meantime, why not visit the other authors in Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday by clicking on the banner below.


  1. It's the combat boots, in'it? Chicks dig the combat boots.

  2. Nothing like a clean set of chompers to get a woman's heart fluttering. Am I right?

  3. I'm the same way around the smell of burnt jet fuel... :-)
    Great snippet.

  4. I dunno...sounds pretty scary to me. Bright teeth (vampiric) can be a little unnerving...but at least he has great oral hygiene. Great snippet, sets the mood brilliantly!

  5. I think my favorite detail was "whipcord frame". Nice. I also like that her "Shadow" is a male. That's kinda cool. Looking forward to checking out more! Great stuff!

  6. It's the sky and the cloud burner that gets me, but maybe that's my atmospheric science background showing.

  7. Yes, what is this cloudburner?? I'm intrigued.

  8. So much fun to get the mind racing here--clandestine meeting at night, dressed in black, a man who gives shivers and wears a mask, and a setting that is too much fun to speculate about. All supported by fantastic details.

  9. He sounds very dreamy. I can't wait to find out more. A decopunk superhero romance story you say?

  10. I love the way you set up what I hope will be a romantic storyline. :) Great snippet. Thanks for sharing.


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