Thursday, 5 September 2013

Medieval Fayre Entertainment and Costumes - June 2013

Medieval food preparation

The medieval fayre in Colchester covers all aspects of life for that period (aside from jousting - too many health and safety issues, sigh). Last week I covered weapons, fighting, and battle-associated sports. This week I'm moving onto more civilised ways of entertainment, clothing, and the way of life in general.

Not your usual Tupperware - medieval pots and pans

Wooden serving bowls and platters
While it was more common to eat with your hands in medieval times, metal and wooden cutlery wasn't unheard of. Trenchers (plates carved from stale bread) were often used, and the finished juice stained remnants gifted to the poor. Most food was boiled or stewed, so the bread HAD to be stale to hold it in without leaking. For a big range of some typical meals, check out Medieval Recipes.

Medieval dance
Again, this video wasn't taken at the fayre (my phone keeps putting the footage sideways and I can't change it, grrr!)

Performing George and the Dragon
Another medieval 'sport' - Splatte ye Ratte

But I have to say, the main attraction for me aside from all the shiny weapons is the clothing! I LOVE medieval fashion, probably one reason why I not only set the opening of my scifi romance Keir in a medieval style civilisation, but my heroine Quin also tends toward that style of clothing. Well, not the dresses so much - not so practical for running away from danger - but the general feel of it.

Dress and woolen cloak

Spinning Wheel
Annie the Pedlar selling her wares to wear. :P
So that's the Colchester Medieval Fayre. I hope you enjoy the trip!

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