Monday, 4 November 2013

Anti-Bullying Month - Donating royalties

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4th-29th November is anti-bullying month, and as part of my contribution I'll be donating the royalties from my #YA #scifi novel Gethyon to the UK charity Childline, which supports children being bullied and abused. Gethyon seems a fitting choice since my male MC is bullied at the beginning of the story. Now, because of the way I receive my royalties (quarterly) I won't know my sales until December, or possibly March. I can, however, track my daily sales at Amazon. So what I will do is calculate my royalties for this month from those, and donate them at the end of November. Then, when I know my total sales elsewhere, I'll send a second payment to make up the difference. I've no idea how much of a contribution I'll be able to make since I'm not JK Rowling or anything, but I hope to make at least a small difference that may make life better for someone out there. Thank you in advance for your support.

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