Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Restless In Peaceville - #Release Day! #YA #zombies #paranormal

Lycaon Press
My zombies are finally here! Restless In Peaceville releases today. This one has been a bit of a rollercoaster. From arguing with muse over writing zombies, powering through NaNoWriMo last year with it, then getting a request from the full to working solidly on it for four months from start to submission. But now my adorable zombies are out in the world, waiting for you to fall in love with them like I did. You can hop over to Lindsay and Jane's Views and Reviews HERE to see their book spotlight with an excerpt, or visit the lovely Karen Y Bynum HERE for an explanation on Why The Heck Zombies?! I'll also be doing an interview about Restless In Peaceville at From The Writer's Nest HERE on the 22nd. The official tour starts on the 1st September - pop back then to find out what I'm giving away and why a scifi romance author suddenly started writing about the undead.

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