Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Tethered Tour - winner!

The tour for Tethered is over and the giveaway has closed. I'm pleased to announce that the winner of the DNA necklace and $5 Breathless Press gift card as selected by rafflecopter is...

EJ Frost

Huge congrats! In the meantime, a quick reminder that Tethered is still only $2 at my publisher's website HERE until the end of August, to celebrate their fifth birthday. In less than a week my tour for Restless In Peaceville begins (though you can check out a couple of posts about it now at Karen Y Bynum's blog and at the Writer's Nest), and there'll be another giveaway to tempt you with then. Enjoy!

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Paranormal Reads 5th Excerpt
Literature YA Fiction 5th Five things that got me writing teen zombies
Rachel Leigh Smith 6th Five Facts About RIP
Ryan Hill Writes 7th Interview
Liana Brooks 8th How to Date a Zombie
Rise of the Slush 9th Excerpt
Cassandra Page 11th excerpt
Celia Breslin 12th Ten Facts about Zombies
An Author's Quest 14th review
Everyday Fangirl 15th Two Teen Paranormal Inspirations – Why Kids TV Rocks
(Rachel Leigh Smith at mine) 16th
Going From Somebody To Nobody 17th Character interview
YA Readers America 18th Ten Things You might not know from reading the book
Aussie Owned and Read 26th interview

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