Saturday, 7 March 2015

#ScienceFiction #Fantasy Saturday 79 - Cajun #Zombie Problems

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Welcome to another #sffsat snippet! This week I'm continuing with my YA zombie story, Restless In Peaceville, now available in gloriously gory print. Last week my hero Luke had woken to find a gator dragging him off for dinner. How's he going to get out of that one?!

My resistance earns me a growling from the gator, and he yanks all the harder on my foot until I can hear my joints popping as they threaten to snap. He shakes his head, hoping to break my hold, and my damn fingers slip. I feel things parting in my ankle. Shit, I can't afford to lose my foot. I let go of the tree but I kick him in the head with my free leg, hard enough that he lets go. Most gators wouldn't give up a meal so lightly, but I hit a damn site too forceful to be classed as easy. He growls and goes for another bite, but my next kick breaks his jaw. Bleeding, several teeth missing, he scuttles away into the river, more than his pride hurt. I sit and stare until the ripples he made smooth out into stillness. Then I check the damage.
His teeth have gone deep, leaving a pretty pattern and some of my flesh torn. I don't have nothing to patch it up, and I don't much care. I've lost Annabelle. I should have just let the gator take me. 

So there is one advantage to being a zombie - superhuman strength! If you enjoyed that you can check out further excerpts by clicking on any of the book links under the cover image above or in the side bar. In the meantime, why not read some excerpts from the other participants by clicking on the banner below?


  1. Being a zombie has to have some upside. I would say Luke's instinct to stay alive saved him, but I'm not sure that's quite the right way to put it...

    1. He's rather conflicted on the idea. I think more 'keeping it together' than staying alive is the phrase. :P

  2. Luke isn't your typical zombie; he still has his mind intact. Normal zombies, at least from my experience, would either stay focused on their objective or attack the gator for their next meal. Having a survival instinct makes sense for him.


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