Saturday, 10 October 2015

#ScienceFiction #Fantasy Saturday 82 - Moonless Machinations #scifi #romance #timetravel

A Science Fiction Romance Novel
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Welcome to this week's #sffsat snippet. With edits in full flow for my second book in the Redemption series - Keir's Fall - I thought I'd share a snippet from book one - Keir - in the run up to release. Um, hopefully the 7th of November, if all goes to plan. >.<  Anyway, this is the opening to Chapter Five. My hero Keir is about to leap into trouble...

Beneath a moonless night sky, the white walls of the Lyagnius base shone in ghostly splendor against the blue-gray rock of the eroded impact crater. Built in stepped tiers against the remaining wall, the base nestled within the curves of the ancient depression, its bright, interior lights spilling out across formal gardens. Keir crouched in the shadow of the huge boulders separating the well-tended grounds from the wilderness beyond, just outside the circle of artificial light. His pulse raced as a wraith-like figure dressed in gray dashed across the rooftop of the lowest level at unnatural speed. As it reached the edge, it jumped, landing on the rough ground beyond the wall of jumbled rocks and dropping out of sight.
Keir braced himself to leap. The figure emerged, Sky’s too-white skin betraying him even in the darkness. For once, Keir gave silent thanks for his own dark coloration. He needed every advantage the Gods could grant him.
Sky drew closer, but his attention was focused away from Keir’s hiding place.
Now or never.
Keir pounced, and they tumbled across the ground together. 

If you enjoyed that, you can check out the free sample on Amazon or Goodreads as well by clicking the relevant links below the book cover above, or check out the excerpt over at SFR Preview (a new site hoping to showcase upcoming scifi romance releases. At the moment it's still in testing mode). Then visit all the other participants in Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday by clicking on the caption under the banner below. Enjoy!

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  1. I love the description of the base in "ghostly splendour" - very evocative!

  2. A nice reminder of a great book. I love the way you describe the scene. It really brings it to life.

  3. Great description of the base and Keir waiting in the shadows. Looking forward to seeing where it goes.

  4. You give an evocative description with great details.
    Good luck with the new release!

  5. Definitely brings back the snippet.


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