Saturday, 17 October 2015

#ScienceFiction #Fantasy Saturday 83 - The Sky's the Limit #scifi #romance

A Science Fiction Romance Novel
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Hello again! Welcome to this week's #sffsat snippet, and I'm continuing with my time travel romance Keir from last Saturday (you can go to the previous excerpt HERE), while edits on book two continue. So, Keir took a leap into the dark to tackle an eerily fast opponent. Maybe he should have thought about that a bit more...

As he struggled to pin the haemovore down, Sky merely shrugged him off and broke free, pushing to his feet. Long blue hair tied back from his face, Sky retreated as Keir confronted him. Sky crouched lower, baring his fangs in a display designed to keep his prey paralyzed with fear. Refusing to be intimidated, Keir nonetheless took another step back in preparation, eyes fixed on his adversary.
“You can’t win,” Sky snarled as they circled one another. “I’m stronger and faster than any human.”
Keir knew the truth of that, and had the bruises to prove it. A haemovore’s composition was far denser than a human’s, making them heavier and tougher than someone even twice their size.
“We shall see.” Keir said nothing more, but held his hands at the ready, waiting.
As Sky made a feint toward him, lashing out with one foot, he countered the blow by shoving down with both hands, but failed to avoid the punch that knocked him to the ground. Despite the jarring pain, he jumped to his feet. The haemovore had vanished. Keir spun, searching for him, sure the battle was not yet over. That this was another ploy to trick him into lowering his defenses.

Is he right? Is there something more hiding in the darkness waiting to pounce? You'd better come back next week to find out...
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  1. I suspect Keir's right - Sky doesn't strike me as the type to abandon a fight so easily.

  2. Fun fight sequence. I'm hoping there's more to come. These two make for good opposing forces.

  3. And, we wait, expectantly, for next week!

  4. Great job keeping the action moving! (this is something I always struggle with.) Can't wait for next week! :D

  5. Find him, Keir! Take him down! Love this scene.

  6. Nothing better than having a character constantly looking over their shoulder for a possible attacker.


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