Saturday, 24 October 2015

#ScienceFiction #Fantasy Saturday 84 - Small But Deadly #scifi #romance

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Welcome to another round of #sffsat, and I'm continuing with my snippets from time travel romance novel Keir. I'm delighted to announce that the cover to Keir (created by my very talented cover designer Danielle Fine) is a finalist in the EPIC 2016 Ariana eBook Cover Art Awards. Woot! 

I love shiny things! Although this award goes to my cover artist and not me, but still another pretty for Keir. ^-^

But back to business. You can check out the previous snippets for sffsat HERE and before that HERE. This week, Keir's original opponent has done a sneaky vanishing act, but there's more to come...

With no idea where Sky might have gone, and no possible hiding place, Keir reached out with his mind, putting his uncertain telepathic ability to the test. He touched one hand to the ache in his forehead as he concentrated, sensing someone nearby. Even with the warning, he reacted too late as something hit him from behind, and he sprawled face-first into the damp soil of the garden. He rolled aside and leaped up, but froze in shock as he found himself confronting Quin, dressed in the same close-fitting black with her red hair pulled back. Without a word, without the slightest pause, she attacked him.
He did nothing to defend himself, could do nothing but take the full force of the kick to his chest. The impact floored him and left him winded, his ribs aching. Pushing himself onto hands and knees, he looked sidelong at her, feigning a more serious injury to catch his breath. As small as she was, she did not lack the strength or agility necessary to equal him in a fair fight. He had learned never to underestimate her.
“You shouldn’t have hesitated,” she rebuked him, still poised for attack yet graciously giving him time to recover as he struggled to rise at last.
“I have no wish to hurt you, Quin.”
She grinned. “You couldn’t even if you tried.”
He held up his hands in surrender.

I don't think she'll take too kindly to him giving up so easily, do you? But guess what - you're not going to find out next week! Bwahahaa! Next weekend is Halloween, so I'll be sharing something a bit more spooky to suit the season, and maybe a treat to compensate for my mean trick of not sharing more Keir. In the meantime, please go check out the other participants by clicking on the link under the banner below.
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  1. An interesting twist! It seems to me Quin might be even more dangerous than Sky!

  2. Strikes me Keir is dangerously outnumbered. The only question is whether Sky and Quin are on the same side - perhaps Keir can get his opponents fighting each other!

  3. I figure he'd better start defending himself...chivalry is for the weak and the dead. ;-)

  4. Yeah - lets have spooky snippets for Halloween!

  5. The poor guy's getting it all around, isn't he? Fast moving action the last couple snippets, which has meant bad news for Keir. Yeah, let's give the guy a week off. I think he needs it.


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