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#ScienceFiction Fantasy Saturday #86 - Meet Tyra-Lee #scifi #romance #spaceopera #sale

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With Halloween out the way, and the release of Keir's Fall - Book Two in the Redemption series - imminent...well, ish...I'm going to share a never-before-revealed snippet. This is the first meeting with the seductive tyrant of the book's tagline - Tyra-Lee. I'm going to admit to being a little in love with her, even if she is the villain of the book. 

Tyra-Lee gazed at the holographic image filling the thirty-foot expanse of her far wall, as if her bedroom opened out into space itself. A fleet of ships sat at rest in the darkness, in perfect formation while it awaited her orders. Each ship was shaped like a long, elegant arrowhead—the smooth, featureless surface dull silver with blood-red markings, sleek and deadly-looking as the ancient weapon it resembled. The ships gave no external hint of the hidden potential within, of engines powerful enough to warp space and leap great distances faster than a thought. Of weapons that could destroy suns. Of soldiers who would never tire, never stop, and never show mercy.
At the forefront of the fleet, the lead ship hovered alone within its own space, its red markings touched with gold to distinguish it from those of lower status.
Tyra-Lee lay on her front with her left cheek resting on her hands, her gaze slowly drifting over the image. A shiver of anticipation raced through her slender form, warming her bare skin beneath the cool covers of scarlet satin. Her fleet: her ships. The sheer thrill of possession, the prospect of such power raised a heat within her fiercer than lust. Fueled by desire, she turned away from the image to the tanned figure stretched out on its stomach beside her. She reached out to stroke the naked male torso with her long white fingers, but her caress stirred no response. Cold anger replaced the hungry heat that had flared in her core, and she scowled, her forehead tightening. It would seem her latest body slave had expired during the night.

(If you spot a punctuation flaw, that's deliberate to fit in the 15 sentence limit, sorry!). To read more from Tyra-Lee, you can also visit the alien invasion at Allie Ritch's blog HERE. And to celebrate the long awaited release of the sequel (since book one originally came out 7th May, 2012!), the digital version of book one - Keir - is now reduced to $0.99 (and the relevant alternative in other currencies at all online retailers) until the end of the year.

A Science Fiction Romance Novel
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  1. What a nice lady - fiery but also pluto-cold. Not sure I'd want to tangle with her...

  2. Loved the fleet descriptions, and not sure what to make of the character...hopefully this expiring body slave isn't something that repeats with great frequency.

  3. She sounds worse than Darth Vader. Destructive fleet and killer of body slaves.

  4. I love the description of the ships. The imagery of the arrowhead is spot on - these are not diplomatic ships! Someone certainly seems eager for war.


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