Wednesday, 6 January 2016

A Very Merry Geekmas

So did you have a good Christmas? I did. Very quiet and at home with my husband and three monsters. Hubs and I stopped buying each other gifts after the children came along, but over the last couple of years they've snuck back in. This year hubs proved he truly understands what a geek he married. ^-^

So what did this geek get for Christmas? Well...
A Guardians of the Galaxy NERF Quad Blaster - Starlord's weapon of choice. GotG was my favourite film of 2014, and I went to see it a record three times at the cinema (beating even the special showings of the Star Wars originals I went to). I hate to count up how many times I've watched the DVD. Of course, I really need another one to match...

The complete Sapphire and Steel collection. A weird six story run of 1980s scifi adventure/mystery. Look it up if you're curious. I loved this series and was gutted when they stopped it. One thing I wouldn't mind seeing rebooted.

Not a gift from someone but yet another geek tee I treated myself to. At the time of purchase I hadn't seen The Force Awakens but recognized the scene as soon as I watched the film. Gotta say it's a striking one - pretty and yet ominous.

I also got around to ordering the print trilogy of one of my favourite series - Liana Brooks's Heroes and Villains. I had book two and three in print back when Breathless Press were still in business, but book one was deemed too short for print. Fortunately one of Liana's first acts on receiving back her rights was to issue all three as a single paperback. I'd been waiting for pennies enough to indulge myself!

The next thing wasn't exactly a present but as it turned up earlier than expected - Christmas Eve no less - I'm counting it. The print proof for Keir's Fall. Woot! After waiting so long to put the sequel out, it's even better seeing it in print with book one - something I thought would never happen.
Just after Christmas I also got a present from the lovely Liana Brooks - chocs and socks!
Now, salted caramel has only recently made an appearance in the UK, but I'm game to try most things once. I'm still confused as to whether I like them or not. They're definitely up in my top five things of weird stuff I've eaten. They're...odd. But I kept on eating them, and woke up one morning thinking about them, so I guess I liked them! And now I can add eating Alaska's deadliest candy to my brag tag. :P I also have my first pair of moose socks.
On the cute side, my eldest bought me chocolate and an Imagine Dragons CD, a friend made me the cutest little candle, and my MIL bought me smellies. Hubs also got me the fluffiest sheepskin slippers.

Lastly I splurged on some books for myself.

But that wasn't the end of it. The New Year brought yet another shiny thing for Keir at the One Book Two review site.
 So what fun things did you get for Christmas?

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