Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Tuesday Teaser - Lifeline by Judy Griffith Gill #scifi


Admiral Joe Storn slammed his palm against the emergency airlock release. "Hell and damnation!" The self-appointed Committee of Captains had changed the code. Again. That hatch should have gaped open like a toothless maw to spill awake personnel onto a planetary surface after a catastrophic landing. For three days, he and his best AI team had met nothing but failure, but he wasn't done yet. His boots rang on the deck as he strode past the many empty cabins on Ship One, flagship of the Dirtsiders Expedition. Sure, he and his crew had been shanghaied back in Luna, he'd been saddled with an admiralty he didn't want, but he had it and was damn well going to act like a leader. He refused to cower in the protective heptagon of the ship' complex. This was a big, Earth-like planet and he meant not only to explore it, but to settle it and create a home for the millions of Earth's denizens he'd brought here in cryostasis. No cowardly Committee of Captains was going to stop him. Joe didn't like killing, but he would if he had to. 


Captain Josia A. Storn needs a lifeline. 

The scientists want to study him. Space Fleet wants to court martial him. Half the Lunar colonists want to turn him over to Earth security forces as a peace offering and the other half want to use him to start a war with Earth. 

And in the middle of the maelstrom, Storn has to locate his crew, escape his cell, and lead a fleet of ships into the unknown. 

He'd refuse but for one thing. He is the lifeline for the human race. Prepared or not, briefed or not, he has no option but to go... and succeed. 

LIFELINE is Amazon exclusive until the 18th February: http://amzn.to/1O90uQj 
After the 18th it will be is available at other online retailers.
Find Judy at her website: www.judyggill.com

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