Thursday, 17 March 2016

The Weird & The Wonderful - The Little Things Blog Hop #littlethings #giveaway

๐Ÿ€ Little Things Blog Hop ๐Ÿ€

Hi everyone my name is Pippa Jay, and I'm one of over 100 authors/bloggers/ on the Little Things Blog Hop! Make sure you visit each stop and enter the posted giveaway. Be sure to enter the amazing rafflecopter too, which has a ton of prizes to be won!

For those of you don’t know me, I'm the author of the time-travel romance series Redemption, and writer of scifi and supernatural stories to engage the emotions. You can find all my books at online retailers and read the reviews and download samples on Goodreads HERE.

I was thinking about the little things that make me happy. I like things that are weird and wonderful, and I like to use them in my stories. Here are some of our weird and wonderful pets who have made it into my books.
Our leopard gecko Yoshi

Bloodwing the stick insect
Our bantam chickens. Left to right: Pitch, Fizzgig, Spaghetti and Effie
Some other things that made it into my stories:
Shells from the local beach and the inspiration for an entire castle shaped like a seashell
This pretty pink flower became a man-eating monster in a story!
I think that might be enough weirdness for one post... :P

๐Ÿ€ Giveaway for this stop is any one of my short stories featured in the left hand side bar (my futuristic urban fantasy No Angel is part of the rafflecopter giveaway) 
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  1. Done all :) my daughter makes me happy

  2. You know I'm a fan. Sharing, of course!

  3. Thanks for joining the Blog Hop! I am so glad I came across your site! One thing that makes me happy (besides my family), a smile from a stranger for no reason.

  4. #littlethings I love my morning coffee and snuggles from my doggies !!! thank you for being in this hop!!!

  5. Right now the thing that makes me happy is my next door neighbor! She made me 2 big to go cups of cappuccino because I had run out of coffee and was in need! I also the love the neighbors chickens on the side of me! They make a girl feel good by running to the fence, of course they think I have food but still! My daughter and my hubby make me pretty happy too! Thank you for joining the hop!

  6. The thing that makes me happy most is when I'm with my son and he wants to snuggle with me:)

  7. My family, especially my 6 grandchildren ♡. Thanks for the chance :)

  8. Replies
    1. Congrats, Sunni, you're the winner from my post. Please contact me at pippajaygreen @ gmail . com (without the space) to arrange your prize.

  9. Liked and shared to google plus page๐Ÿ˜

  10. Thank yoy for the chances! kisses form uruguay

  11. Like 1009, shared. Playing with my 2 cats. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. My son and my husband make me happy.

  13. Thank you for participating in this hop!

  14. My kids are my little things that make me happy:)

  15. My kids, babies, our dogs, hugs, and family.

  16. Done
    I love the smiles and laughs from my children and grandchildren
    Thank you for a chance to win

  17. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. The winner on my post was Sunni H. Congrats!


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