Saturday, 14 May 2016

The Bones of the Sea Relaunch #scifi #shortstory #free

A Scifi Short Story
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My very first publication - scifi short The Bones of the Sea - has just had a revamp, and the bonus of now being up at Amazon. This is a FREE short story set in the Travellers Universe (which includes Gethyon, Tethered, and the Redemption series), and on a planet mentioned in my SF novel Gethyon.
PLEASE don't buy it from Amazon unless they've price matched to free (they have in the US and UK but may still be charging elsewhere). You can always get the mobi/Kindle version for free at Smashwords and OmniLit. This is a super short piece that I always planned to offer for free, so I really don't want you to have to pay Amazon for it.

Myasi has been contracted to demolish a weird metallic construct in the shallow seas of Ulto Marinos. But her attempt to do so reveals something more beneath the surface...​

​A free Science Fiction Short Story, available in all digital formats at reputable online retailers, and set in the Travellers Universe

Praise for The Bones of the Sea
"This well-written story takes you on a journey of discovery, then presents a quandary and a gut-punch outcome that feels all too real. A deft examination of the dark side of human nature, and human-made complications.
If you love a well-crafted Sci-Fi short story, I highly recommend this read."

Laurie A. Green, author of the Inherit the Stars serial.


  1. I've told amazon to lower their price, for you :-)

    1. Thanks! I've hit them with all the links and emailed them too. Hope they fix it soon.


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