Sunday, 8 May 2016

Twenty Three Years and Counting

Today is my 23rd wedding anniversary. I have now been married for more than half my lifetime.
It's a weird way of looking at it. But I do feel like I've led two very separate lives. My childhood came to an abrupt end around the time I first met my husband as my parents were getting divorced, my dad did a bunk to Australia to avoid legal proceedings, my mum developed cancer, my future step dad died from a stroke following a car crash, and my mum followed suit shortly after. All in the space of a couple of years.
And through those years, hubs was there holding my hand. He could have run. We'd only just met. He had no obligation to me at all. The fact that he didn't run proved to me I could always rely on him no matter what happened. It wasn't just that though. I was truly in love with him, a fact that blew me away. He wasn't the type of guy I'd ever gone for. Perhaps that was the reason - I'd been looking at the wrong ones. Whatever, we're still together after nearly 25 years since our first date when many of our contemporaries have divorced, split up, and even remarried.
And I haven't regretted a second of it. :)


  1. Happy Anniversary and here's to many more.

  2. Talk about a bittersweet time of your life -- and yet you and the hubby persevered. You have my congratulations and sympathy, Pippa.

    1. Thanks. It all worked out for the better in the end. :)


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