Saturday, 7 May 2016

Happy Fourth Anniversary #amwriting #amcelebrating

Today is my 4th anniversary as a published author. Woot! It feels much longer, and yet I still feel like I've barely started. I have fifteen titles up at Goodreads, from short stories up to novels and an anthology, romantic and non-romance, scifi, urban fantasy and paranormal, for adults and young adults. I never imagined I'd get so far.

It also means my adorable blue hero Keir - my sanity saver - is also four today. Kinda. While Keir was originally published on the 7th of May 2012 by Lyrical Press, he was MIA from the 1st of January 2014 due to the sale of my publisher, not returning until the 7th of May 2015. I suppose the complication is sort of appropriate for a time traveller, right? I couldn't tell you the exact day of his 'birth' - that was back in the days when I used actual pen and paper to write with, and sadly didn't date much of what I wrote, but officially his birthday is the 17th August 2009, when I sat at my computer with his unfinished short story in my hand, a playlist featuring The Rasmus, and a burning need to rediscover myself. I did. It was an insane few weeks, but it made such a difference.

So here's to another four years and maybe another fifteen titles!

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