Friday, 24 June 2016

Friday Favourites - Catrina Taylor #YA #fantasy

Everyday there's something research worthy that pops up in the newsfeed, or headlines. As an author, research comes second nature, but it can be dry. One of the simplest ways to get good information is to find a reliable audio or video source that'll convey the information you're looking for in an understandable manner. While there are hundreds, if not thousands of sources online, not all are reliable or understandable. I have found one YouTube channel that is both of those and entertaining.

For my family, this has made science and science projects a lot more fun. The channel is SciShow, all three of them. Today I wanted to share three of my favorite videos from SciShow Space. They are fun, funny, and understandable.

This one is fun because it show's a recent event that captivated the attention of many in the United States. As you watch, you see the host, Hank Green, break down the event and all the related information simply and had fun with it.

This one is fun and from SciShow instead of SciShow Space. It's something that I used to start my researching for one of my book series. As you can see, he reviews everything identified and connects them to another group along the human evolutionary time line. Again, Hank Green is concise but keeps you entertained throughout.

This one actually made me giggle right from the beginning. As they begin, they explain that White Holes aren't possible and his expression when he says we might have seen one is priceless. Makes me smile every time. He is good as a presenter and made many videos with SciShow Space. As a presenter, Reid is as natural as Hank is in the other videos, and humorous.

I hope you find these as entertaining as I do. Each one is really fun to watch and a great start for researching new information, or projects that need the science. They are often fun for binge watching if you're a fellow science nerd.

About the author:

Catrina Taylor is a prolific science fiction author with a passion for her characters, her children, and science. You can find her new Young Adult series, Knights of the Immortals, free on any major retailer. Visit to get your free copy. 

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