Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Tuesday Teaser - A Secret Rose by Debra Jess #superheroes #UF #SFR


From the author: A Secret Rose is a brand new novella from my Thunder City Series. It will be available starting July 12th. To find out more about the Thunder City Series, feel free to follow me on Bookbub or sign up for my newsletter at my web sites.  You will be alerted when A Secret Rose is available. 

"C'mere." He held out his arms.
Dani's gorgeous eyes opened wide. "Wait, are you sure?"
Nik had never been more sure in his life. "It won't hurt. I promise."
Dani stepped into his personal space, maybe a little closer than necessary.
"What about security?" she asked. Nik understood. In a cutting-edge start-up like Generation Med, you didn't enter or leave the building without a search.
"We'll stop by security first. Grocer's second, then the park." Nik wrapped his arms around her waist, also not necessary. "Don't hold your breath. Breathe normally. If you want to, you can close your eyes."
Dani looked up at him, all spitfire. "Oh, honey. I never close my eyes."
Nik held her gaze before he slipped them both into the floor.  


Secrets, like roses, have thorns.

Nikolaos Blackwood swore he would bring to justice the drug dealer known as Dodger. As Ghost, one of Thunder City's alternative human defenders, it was Nik's responsibility to keep his high school classmates safe. That included notorious bad girl Daniella Rose. Ten years later, he needs to locate Daniella to deliver an urgent request from her estranged family.

Dr. Daniella Rose finally believes she can lead a normal, happy life and focus on her relationship with Nik Blackwood — the one man she's always wanted but could never have. Now that she's back in Thunder City, she'll do anything to keep him —  except reveal her hidden Alt ability to shapeshift into Dodger, a secret identity she killed before graduation.  

When a drug lord from Dani's past threatens Nik's life, Dani knows she'll have to resurrect Dodger to rescue her man, even if exposing her secret could cost her Nik's love —  and her life.

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A Connecticut Yankee transplanted to Central Florida, Debra Jess writes science fiction, romance, urban fantasy, and superheroes. She began writing in 2006, combining her love of fairy tales and Star Wars to craft original stories of ordinary people in extraordinary adventures and fantastical creatures in out-of-this world escapades. Her first published novel, Blood Surfer has won the Golden Pen Award and finaled in the Prism Award and Booksellers Best Award contests. 

Debra is a graduate of Viable Paradise and is a member of Codex. She’s also a member of the Romance Writers of America including RWA’s Fantasy, Futuristic, & Paranormal chapter and the First Coast Romance Writers.

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