Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Paperback Release: The Chronicles of Storn by Judy Griffith Gill #scifi via @semitica

 Book 1, REFUGE
Winter on Planet Storn is deadly. But so is the Governing Committee when it gets wind of extraordinary children with powers deemed unearthly. The Group, determined to save these kids they see as the first true humans of Storn, must fight not only the Guards, but the planet itself. After a brutal trek, they find shelter, but not the kind they expected or wanted. Then, just as they’re getting settled, three men appear, clad all in leather. They claim to be more than three centuries old, but everyone knows that’s impossible. When the leader of the trio introduces himself with the name of a legend and bids them to sit and listen because he has a story to tell, they have no choice. Outside, winter roars on. Inside, perhaps insanity reigns… or just maybe, history in action.

Book 2, LIFELINE—Prequel written as sequel
Meet Joe Storn, for whom the planet is named. A shuttle pilot on the Earth-Mars run, Joe means to tell the world the truth about the Prison Colonies on Mars. Instead, he ends up stripped of rank and sentenced to one of those pitiless colonies himself. A jail-break in Luna followed by a century plus mostly in cryostasis retrofitting other ships with a ten times faster drive, Joe returns to Luna, having nowhere else to go. He expects to be jailed, but instead is welcomed as a hero. When he learns Earth is entering an unexpected ice-age, and he’s needed to provide a lifeline for Humanity and all other Earth species, he balks, but to no avail. He’s suddenly an admiral in the All Earth Space Fleet, bound, completely against his will, for parts unknown.

Book 3, DIRTSIDERS—Prequel written as sequel
When the Committee of Captains, comprised of six of the seven captains of the ships under Joe’s command takes over, Joe refuses to knuckle under. He’s been sent to this new world to explore and ultimately settle it. He is not about to let a few cowards keep him from what he not only should do, but desperately wants to do. After all, how many men of his time are given the chance to reach distant stars—even if it took a thousand years in freeze to get there?

Book 4, CAVERNS—Where it all ties together

Joe and his Dirtsider Troop discover the illegal nanobots in their systems have an unusual effect on them. Over the years they’ve explored, Joe has yearned to return to the Ships’ Valley. The men and women of the Dirtsiders haven’t reproduced and their numbers are dwindling. Their avowed aim of settling their new home in the name of all Humanity seems doomed—until Joe’s friend, Livio, who stowed away as the fleet left Luna, insists Joe needs to obey the voice only Livio can hear. Admittedly, what Joe considers the Loonie’s imaginary pal has led them to the caverns where they’ve survived deepfreeze winters and broiling summers. So, when Livio says he can get them back to the Ships’ Valley, Joe realizes he must listen. But when he finally meets the Group who escaped the Governing Committee, Joe is as unable to believe their story as they are his…

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