Sunday, 27 February 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #15

A Happy 1st Anniversary to SSS! Make sure you stop by the blog for the celebratory giveaway.
Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday and thank you for all the comments last week! This 6 continues on from the previous excerpt as Quin gets to know her soul mate as a human being. If you want a better look at Darion, stop by next week. :-P
Read and hopefully enjoy, then check out the other participants here.

Darion stood framed in the light beyond the doorway, his hands pressed to the stone on either side as if to barricade her outside.
Quin tried to summon up her own voice, to speak, but her mouth had gone so dry she could manage little more than a croak. For an instant she felt trapped. The cold, hard ridge of the balcony’s edge pressed into her spine and Darion blocked the doorway, a huge dark outline with the light behind him; a shadowy figure without a face.
As if he sensed her fear - and surely he did, surely he could hear every thought that flickered through her mind even in his corporeal form - his hands dropped to his sides as he took a measured step forward.
Quin drew in a breath that quivered.

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  1. Oh, the anticipation. This is such a wonderful scene. The suspense is drawn out so beautifully and the I can feel Quin's fear and feelings of being trapped. Great six!

  2. Darion in the doorway... I wonder how she'll get passed him?

  3. Nicely done, very suspenseful.


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