Sunday, 16 October 2011

Scifi Sunday #8

Hi all and welcome to another #scifi snippet. Thanks for stopping by. :) This will be the last posting for Gethyon as the MS is going out on submission - hopefully you'll get to see the full work in the not too distant future - fingers crossed. But that does mean the snippets I've posted will be removed.

So, the chase is over, but now Gethyon is forced to think back over the events that have sent him on the run ...

The night and the ocean seemed unending, a blackness that reached to infinity, touched by ghostly moonlight and flickers of distant silver shimmers where the water caught moonbeams and broke them into fragments. In his exhaustion, the line between reality and dreams had shattered. Gethyon flew over the platinum-crested ripples of the sea in a haze, protected from the chill of the air and the spray of the water by the buzzing shield of the Trilobyke. The whine of its engines blurred into the constant susurration of the sea, his hands locked into the controls so tightly that he felt as though his flesh had melded itself to the metal, that he and the bike had become a single entity fleeing into the night. The only warmth that touched him came from Callon slumped against his back, her arms still clasped around his waist.
As if from a distance he could dimly sense her sleeping mind reliving the nightmare of Dephon’s murder, and the terrifying pursuit that had followed. Gethyon’s own mind refused to contemplate the thought; surely, he couldn’t have killed someone? Had it really been him?

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