Sunday, 27 November 2011

Six Sentence Sunday #39

Hi all! Welcome to another #sixsunday. This week I'm posting another snippet from my #scifi novella Gethyon. Having spent a year hidden in his mother's base on Lyagnius at her insistence, he decides to make a break for freedom and transports himself back home to Terris via a temporal gateway (a path through time and space - one of his many special talents) ...

A heartbeat later and it was all over. Another world opened beneath his feet. He took a shaky step forward, expecting the ground to fade but it remained. Long grasses in shades of blue snaked around his ankles and whispered welcomes as it danced in the strong wind.
Tears rose in his eyes and he lifted his head to stare out across the sea of greenery. He’d made it home.

© 2009-2011 Copyright Philippa J. Green All Rights Reserved

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  1. Fantastic six!!! That last line.. Perfect xx

  2. What a dangerous move, both physically and mentally! Is he prepared for the unexpected? What will he find on this world? He probably doesn't remember much about it.


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