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Heart of the Dragon Tour - Guest Post by Myra Nour

Please welcome author Myra Nour to the blog at the end of her Heart of the Dragon tour.

Why Write Sci Fi Romance?

Why sci fi romance? Because I love sci fi and fantasy elements in stories, whether in books or on TV/movies. Through the years, I didn’t see a book that combined romance with s/f & fantasy, at least not in the way I envisioned. Then along came Dara Joy’s Knight of a Trillion Stars. Finally,a futuristic that inspired me. I wrote Love’s Captive in 1996 and after fumbling around a long time trying to figure publishing out, it was released by New Concepts Publishing in 2001.

The story of Volarn was something I dreamed back in 1977. A lot of the story was revealed to me, like a movie playing all night through my mind. I met a few of the characters and even “overheard” a few conversations.

     The Volarnians are a warrior race, similar to the people of the Medieval period on Earth, which includes using swords and riding steeds. I’ve always loved unicorns, thus Volarnian unicorns became the war horses, and come in a beautiful array of colors, from red to blue.

Star Wars was a big influence on me, so my warriors can strengthen their sword arm by tapping into the crystal on their wrist band. Vassi are the healers and sorcerers of Volarn. The 3 most powerful Vassi play an important role in Love’s Captive and I used Spock’s mind-melding as an inspiration.

Who doesn’t love dragons? I do. Volarn has a legendary dragon that is thought to be extinct. In Heart of the Dragon, Kasha and Eric discover a baby basami (dragon), bringing the legend to life.

     There are other intriguing elements I put in such as a sweet-natured sapient creature called a Konkol. Its similarity to an Earth spider makes most humans terrified –but it is a ruse. In reality, the Konkols thrilling song combined with their gentle nature will win you over.

     Read Heart of the Dragon and Love’s Captive to discover all the wonderful people and creatures that populate Volarn.
Can Eric, a tough, handsome Green Beret from Earth, convince Kasha, the stubborn warrior princess of Volarn, that he loves
her? Not before they experience adventure in the haunted wastelands, discover a baby dragon, and explore the hot,
sensual side of their relationship.

Travel back to Volarn for more magical romance and new adventure with King Rhamus's sister, Kasha, and Olga's brother, Eric. If you loved Love's Captive, be enchanted with Volarn Chronicles Book Two. Find out what sad secret makes Kasha run from love. Follow the characters' fox and hound game of love, as each pushes the other to their limits, climaxing in a dramatic rescue that changes everything. Be warned, this book is filled with humor and love that knows no bounds. And an adorable, goofy dragon that will win your heart, so that you will be asking "How do I adopt a dragon of my own!".

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