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Cover Love - Kerrianne Coombes

Please welcome Kerrianne Coombes to the blog, author of paranormal and contemporary romance!

Hi guys. I am here today to share with you my favourite covers from some awesome authors, and I am going to tell you why they captured my imagination.

I'll start with The Host, By Stephanie Meyer (Also chosen by Jessica Subject—I think). This book cover captured me for two reasons. 1, THE COVER IS AWESOME! The Cover tells its own story, and it is so close to the book inside. 2, because you know its sci-fi without all the theatrics. … Let me explain. I read Sci-fi sometimes… I am a part-time sci-fi reader, I only read it if it has been recommended to me, or if the story is compelling to me. I need the science fiction to be light. I need the science fiction to be believable. But that said, when I find a science fiction book I like—I tend to LOVE it. LOL  

My second choice is, Fire, By Kristin Cashore. This cover is art! It speaks to me, and I snatched it up—and Graceling—without even reading the blurb! It turns out that I adored both books. Both covers are close to the story, and both covers are just…pretty!

My third choice is, Shadows Claim, by Kresley Cole. This cover is just hot! The colours, the look on his face. It reeled me in!

My fourth choice is, Upon The Midnight Clear, by Sherrilyn Kenyon.  Apart from this being one of my favourite Dream Hunter books, this cover has it all. Its sexy, eye catching and it drew me in.

My fifth choice—and I was surprised that it was yet another Sci-fi—is, Born Of Ice, by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I have read, and re-read these books so many times- I adore them. The cover is very simple, but, for me, it works. It doesn’t so much give any clues to the book, but it does let us glimpse the character before we even open the pages.

 Gotta say, Kerrianne, the two dark, brooding males definitely caught *my* eye. :-P Thanks for sharing! What do *you* think of her choices?

Author Bio;
About the Author
Kerrianne Coombes is the youngest of three siblings. Born in England in 19 *Cough cough*
Books became very important to Kerrianne at a very early age. Having a book obsessed mum, made finding and reading all the greats, like Emma and Pride and Prejudice–and, of course, Anne of Green Gables–natural for her to read. The entire idea of being whipped into a new world, a new life was greatly appealing to a little girl who had far too much imagination to know what to do with.
Being the kid with braces, frizzy hair and awkward laugh, Kerrianne found she could be who she wanted to be as soon as she picked up a book.
After leaving school, Kerrianne was a groom working at an event/ hunt stables (Horses) Later, the lure of working in a dry, warm office yanked her away from the farms and the open air. But she never found a job that suited her as well as being a groom.
Though writing was something Kerrianne only started seriously after she had her babies, Kerrianne has always written little stories and little poems–these were written more as a therapy when she needed to clear her mind, and usually, they were written at the office when she was supposed to be doing something mundane.
“Writing was my procrastination when I worked in an office.”
But when her youngest went to school, Kerrianne found that the stories were busting to get out, and thats when she decided to dedicate more time to what was then, her hobby.
Fast forward four years, and Kerrianne is usually found with a coffee in hand, her eyes glued to a computer screen, writing,editing or plotting.
Twitter, Kerrianne_xx

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  1. All great covers! But yes, The Host has to be the most appealing. And it's a fabulous story. Haven't seen the movie yet though.


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