Saturday, 1 June 2013

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Gethyon - #1 Bestseller at Omnilit
Hello again! Thanks for all the lovely comments and congrats last week - they were awesome. I had great news this week - not only did Gethyon go up at Omnilit for pre-order, but 12 hours later it hit number one on the bestsellers list. Squee! It isn't even out yet! But just two more days until release. :)
So, last week my young hero had arrived in the middle of somewhere by means unknown. But he's not given any chance to get his bearings...

Gethyon dragged his head around toward the speaker, forcing his eyes to focus. Cold shock drenched him at the sight of two uniformed men between him and the nearest edifice, one warden aiming a finger straight at him.
“Hey, no unauthorized teleportation in the plaza!”
Gethyon turned and ran. Shouts from behind told him pursuit followed. He dodged between the idling crowds, staggering as his legs threatened to give way. Dazed and confused, he tried to work out what had happened. He had done it again—sent himself elsewhere—but how? What was he?

Poor Gethyon! Hope you enjoyed that, and if you want more hit the page button for Gethyon just below the banner, or the Excerpt link under the book cover on the right hand side. Or hop over to the Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday blog for more snippets from the other stellar authors by clicking the banner below.


  1. Great snippet...that would be a big problem, being teleported somewhere without your prior knowledge.

    Congratulations on the best-seller status May it stay there for a long time!

  2. Yup. The only thing worse than getting caught for unauthorized teleporting - is not knowing how you did it (hate when that happens).

  3. Oh, and two days till release! How exciting.

  4. Congrats on the upcoming release and for being #1. Ditto to what TM said!! Yeh, not knowing where you teleported to can be a bit of a pain...great snippet with a nice build up to action and suspense to come!!

  5. Congrats on having a Bestseller!! HOORAY!!

    Laurel and I were discussing how excited we are about GETHYON and how we can't wait for its release. It tops my summer reading list!

  6. Congrats of GETHYON's release and budding success. Great snippet - what's worse than teleporting into a strange place and immediately on the run.

  7. Nothing like breaking a law you've never heard of.

  8. What is he indeed. I'm very curious now. The snippet has great momentum--I love how the action flows forward so effortlessly.

    Congrats on the release and being a Bestseller!!

  9. Ah... unauthorized teleporting. And he doesn't even know how he does it! Great snippet!

  10. Not fun. Not fun at all! Very vivid snippet. One feels his fear.


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