Monday, 3 June 2013

#Release Day - Gethyon #YA #scifi #adventure

Woo hoo! Today Gethyon officially hits the virtual retailers, making it my second published novel. Am I excited?! *head explodes* It's already hit the best sellers list on Omnilit!

So, want to know what's happening, aside from being able to purchase a copy? Below is a list of all the tour dates and stops, of what I'll be talking about where. And underneath THAT you can find details of the awesome goodies I'm giving away to celebrate!

Tour Dates and Stops:

3rd June - Gethyon releases
4th June - interview on the To Be Read blog
7th June - character interview (Jinx) at Karen Y Bynum's blog
10th - 14th June - Goddess Fish Promotions tour
15th June - book spotlight at Diane Burton's blog
16th June - guest post on the Siah-dhu at Maria Hammarblad's blog
17th June - interview at Jaleta Clegg's blog
18th June - guest post on FTL travel at Greta van der Rol's blog
19th June - guest post on Crystal Power at Backward
20th June - guest post on Naming at Sabrina Garie's blog
(21st - 25th SFR Brigade blog hop)
26th June - guest post on Tortured heroes at Cassandra Page's blog
27th June - guest post on Future Fashion at Bella Street's blog
28th June - To Be Read blog Book Spotlight
29th June - spotlight at Jessica E Subject's blog
30th June - guest post on Designing Spaceships at Diane Dooley's blog
At each of the stops on the Goddess Fish tour, there will be a $5 Amazon gift card and swag to be won. For the whole of the tour a rafflecopter will be open and listed at ALL stops on the tour for the green crystal pendant shown above. Other prizes may be offered at some of the venues, but you'll need to follow along to find out about those. ;)  


  1. Got to read this one! ON MY TBR!!

  2. Happy Release Day! Now, I must go to OmniLit and download my pre-ordered copy. :)

    Many sales to you!


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