Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Summer Fun Blog Hop

I can't say I love the sun. I'm white skinned and red haired, so more than ten minutes out in the sunlight and I start burning like a non-sparkly vampire. :P 

But I much prefer the warm to winter's chill, and summer means one thing to my kids - the beach! They'd happily spend every day there, and it's a place that's provided a few good hours of reading time, or sparked plenty of inspiration. My local beach became the tropical planet of Metraxi in my debut novel Keir, and features in the sequel. So to celebrate the Summer Fun Blog Hop, I thought I'd share the opening of my as yet unpublished book two - Keir's Fall.

The ocean lay like a rippled sheet of platinum silk laced with diamonds, endlessly shifting in low, lazy waves. Keir stood poised above the water on a rocky ridge that curled out into the ocean. With a long spear raised in his right hand and his left arm stretched out for balance, he kept his eyes fixed on the glittering water below.
The rough edges of the rock scarcely registered against the calluses covering his soles as he braced his feet. Barefoot and bare-chested, the sunlight warmed his dark-blue skin beneath the runic lettering and mystic symbols that scrawled an endless legend over his torso. A gentle sea breeze stirred the odd tendril of black hair and the light fabric of his trousers, which were cut off just below the knee. He stilled his breath and held himself steady as telltale flickers in the blue water told him the moment was coming. Only his gaze shifted.
A shadow writhed in the depths and he struck, swift and sure, thrusting his spear into the sea. After a moment’s pause he yanked it back to lift his prize from the water and watch it squirm in tangled coils of steel, droplets falling from its scales like rain. The giant eel twisted itself in hopeless knots as it tried to wriggle free. 

I hope you enjoyed that! And if you want more of Metraxi (and Keir), you can check out the book by clicking on any of the links below the cover. In the meantime, I'm offering one lucky person my short scifi romance story Terms & Conditions Apply in whatever digital format suits you best. Just comment below with your email addy, and tell me why you love summer. Then jump back to the Hump Day Hook blog here to visit the others taking part. Good luck!
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  1. Brilliant. I have to say, im not a fan of the beach, but i can imagine its a big source of inspiration x

  2. My favorite part of the summer is that I don't have to bundle everyone up before heading out. But, I do have to make sure everyone has sunscreen and a hat. LOL

  3. That's a really nice snippet. Great description of the ocean. It's where I most like to be so thanks for transporting me there for a minute :)

  4. I love the sunshine. It's so welcome after the cold of Winter.


  5. I love being able to read outside in the sunshine. When we get sunshine, that is.


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