Saturday, 9 November 2013

#Science #Fiction #Fantasy Saturday #68

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Why hello there! Yes, I've been gone a long time - I've had soooo many projects to work on, I just haven't had time for anything else. But I'm baaack! Miss me? :P

This week I'm sharing a snippet from my #YA #scifi Gethyon. As part of Anit-Bullying Month, I'll be donating my November royalties to the UK charity Childline. Why Gethyon? Because my character is also bullied, so it seemed appropriate. Here, Gethyon and his 'friends' have been running across the grasslands, and as usual he's got left behind...

The others had come to a stop a short distance ahead and grouped together around Dephon. By the time he reached them, the dark-haired boy had pulled a bag of small, multicolored spheres from his pocket and divided them amongst his friends with generous abandon. Gethyon slowed his approach. No one would want him here, Dephon least of all. 
Brown eyes flashing dislike, Dephon stowed the treats out of sight and held his hands out, fingers clenched. “Guess which hand the sweet is in, and you can have it,” he taunted. 
Gethyon stared at the outstretched fists and deeper, beyond the covering of flesh and blood to the truth within. “Neither.” 
His trick exposed, the boy opened both hands in proof, glowing with spite. “Then I guess you don’t get one.”

Also, I'm admin for #sffsat for the next few weeks, so if you happen to notice I've broken the rules myself, please feel free to point that out. :P

In the meantime, you can click on EXCERPT to read more, or go and check out the other authors taking part in this week's Science Fiction Fantasy Saturday by clicking on the banner below.


  1. Welcome back! We 're a very select group this week. As to Gethyon, I have every sympathy with him - I was dealing with a bullied young man this week, so I know exactly how Gethyon is feeling. The snippet does a good job of showing how cruel petty spitefulness can be. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Stupid Blogger deleted instead of publishing -

    homecomingbook ( has left a new comment on your post "#Science #Fiction #Fantasy Saturday #68":

    Good to see you back. I have some bullying in Homecoming, but the sales aren't enough to make donating royalties much.

  3. Children can be so cruel, sometimes thougtlessly, but when it's deliberate... >.<

    My royalties won't be much, but at least it'll be something.


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