Saturday, 15 March 2014

#Science #Fiction #Fantasy #Saturday #69

Hello! Long time no see! Welcome back to my first #sffsat snippet of 2014! The last few months have been horrendously busy, with both good and bad news, but hopefully it'll be all sunshine from now on, though no less hectic.

Today I'm going to share a snippet from Reboot, the cyberpunk short story I'm releasing at the end of this month (pop back Monday 24th for the cover reveal!). We begin with a rude awakening for my central character...

Online. Active. Integration complete.
The words printed across his inner vision, green on black. Confusion raged at the back of his mind, coupled with a rising nausea, but a cool, calm part of his brain registered understanding. His last self must’ve been damaged or died. He’d just been rebooted.
“Can you hear me?”
That wasn’t in his head. It came from outside, a masculine voice.
He swallowed, not sure he could frame the words with his throat dry and his tongue a heavy weight in his mouth. He gulped again. “Yes.” His own voice sounded alien to his ears. A growl of a sound.

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  1. Great mood setting for an opening. I loved the bluntness and straight forwardness of "He'd just been rebooted." Some cool details and some equally cool questions arise - looking forward to the story's release.

  2. Quite nice. Always good to start up with some mystery like this. Also intrigued by the notion of being rebooted...

  3. Fascinating idea, especially the hints that he might have a brand new body to get used to.

  4. I like the idea of words appearing on his inner vision - a great way to reveal that this is not an ordinary person. The details bring the character to life vividly.

  5. The sensations he feels as he comes online (again?) are what I would expect with somebody in his position. I especially like the pace at which he takes everything in.


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