Saturday, 30 August 2014

#Ebook #Sale Bonanza! #scifi #romance #PNR #YA

Wow, this is a great weekend for book lovers everywhere, with sales left, right and centre. And all of mine are in them too! If you wanted to try out one of my books, this is probably the best time to grab them. You can pick up my whole library for under $10!!

My new SciFi romance adventure Tethered is still 50% off at Breathless Press until the end of August HERE - just $2

ALL my titles are 30% off at All Romance eBooks HERE. That includes Terms & Conditions Apply (SciFi romance) and my brand new YA paranormal Restless In Peaceville.

My YA SciFi Gethyon is 50% off at Champagne Books HERE - only $1 for a fast paced adventure novel.

And lastly, my cyberpunk short story Reboot is only $0.70 at Omnilit HERE.

As always, you can still pick up Tales from the SFR Brigade (a SciFi romance anthology of eight stellar shorts) for FREE from HERE.

So you could pick up my entire backlist for less than $10. Enjoy!

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