Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Read Only Wednesday - Dark Beyond the Stars, a #spaceopera anthology #scifi

Read only Wednesday is when I share a recent or current read, or something I've just added to my TBR pile. This week I have a female authored anthology of space opera shorts. I picked this up after reading about a 'review' by a male SF author claiming that SF is a male only genre. *cue raging* So of course I bought the anthology, tweeted about it and featured it as my read for this week. I'm pretty sick of being told that women can't/shouldn't/don't write science fiction. It's like saying men can't/don't/shouldn't write romance. C'mon, this is the 21st century...

Anyway, about the book:

Eleven of today's bestselling authors join forces to bring you these tales of action, adventure, and brilliant imagination. From humanity's first contact with alien life, to the challenges of space travel, to colonies established light years from Earth, this anthology celebrates the wide sweep of space opera at its most sublime. There are worlds beyond worlds out there to explore, and millions of stories spinning across the galaxies. So sit back and be transported... ... to the dark beyond the stars.


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