Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Read Only Wednesday - The Colchester IDS by Charlotte Deallie #scifi

Read Only Wednesday is when I talk about a book I've just read, am about to read or have added to my TBR pile. This week it's The Colchester IDS by Charlotte Deallie.

I was directed to this book by a friend because I actually live in Colchester, and I've been talking a lot about writing an urban fantasy set in my home town. Normally I don't pick up contemporary Earth scifi - I tend to find it dull. I want spaceships and/or aliens, or lots of cool tech. But this is free, and one of the reviews on the UK Amazon site said it was science fiction with a romance. Scifi romance set in my home town? I'm curious, especially as the author doesn't live here. So we shall see. I plan another reading binge over the Christmas holidays when I'll be closing my social media for about three weeks, so hopefully I'll get to it then.

‘The Colchester IDs’
by Charlotte De'allie. A darkly comic tale of murderous ID theft in a small British town. Young journalist Emily Wakefield is drawn into a nightmare conspiracy involving avatars, 3D technology and a mysterious cell phone company with a terrifying ambition. Read chapter one here for free.

Emily Wakefield led what most people would consider a normal life; an every day kind of life. She drove her little car to work from Monday to Friday on a local newspaper. She lived by herself. She owned a cat. She didn’t get enough exercise. The one element missing from her existence was companionship; a partner to make life complete.

Paul Ramdin worked at the local gym. His was a life full of routine administration and personal training. He shared a flat with his sister. They rowed over who should cook dinner and who did the washing up but generally they got on.

Phone Utria - a brand new mobile communications business, hungry for international success with ambitions of rapid ascent up the corporate ladder. Utria sprang up from nowhere; a high tech futuristic company, anything but ordinary; anything but routine. Customers came flocking to sign up for bargain phone contracts, free gifts and to see RITA, the first Relative Interactive Team Avatar in existence. A perfect customer services hologram and mascot to Phone Utria, she had to be seen to be believed.

Together, Emily and Paul are helplessly and unknowingly drawn into a terrifying series of events, leading to a climax which strikes at the heart of the human race’s addiction to the computer age and artificial intelligence; an addiction which could threaten mankind’s very existence.

Print - 400 pages.
Amazon US $0.00 at time of posting.

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