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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Read Only Wednesday - Scarred by Erica Hayes #superhero #urbanfantasy

Read Only Wednesday is when I highlight a book I've just read, am about to read, or added to my TBR pile. This week I was excited to see Erica Hayes is finally releasing a sequel to her superhero book Scorched (see my 5* review for that HERE, and it's just $0.99 right now). At the moment Scarred has gone on my wishlist as Goodreads is stating a November release date, while Amazon is quoting it as February 2016. Confused much? Nevertheless, it'll definitely be going on my TBR pile as soon as it's actually available. Update - the author now assures me the release date is 14th January 2016. At time of posting, there's no cover so you'll have to settle for the blurb:

Superpowers don't make you a hero.

Verity Fortune's crime-fighting days are over. In exile, defeated by her smug supervillain nemesis, her shady past exposed—even her own superpowered family condemn her as a traitor. Whatever it takes, Verity's determined to prove she can still be a force for good.

Now, Sapphire City faces a new threat. A delinquent duo with extraordinary powers and a terrifying talent for destruction. Outmatched and on the run, her telekinetic powers faltering, Verity can't defeat this menace alone—but who can she trust, when the only person who believes in her is her arch-enemy?

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