Saturday, 12 December 2015

#ScienceFiction #Fantasy Saturday #88 - What Next? #scifi #romance

Welcome to another #sffsat snippet, and the last of 2015. Wow, this year went fast. And I finally managed to get one new book out after five re-releases, even if it was late. Eep. I need to improve on that for 2016, right?
Anyway, I'm continuing from last week with Keir's Fall. Keir had just escaped rather explosively after being cornered in the munitions room by a handful of invading cybernetic soldiers. But there's one question burning in his mind that needs answering...

The pain eased, and he opened his eyes. He was out and up on the roof, under the ice-white glow of the full moon. He lay and watched smoke plume out of the hole he had escaped through. Nothing else moved. If the blast had not destroyed or disabled the soldiers, they would still have a hard time following him up now.
His violent eruption through the access had ripped the rifle from his back. A lucky thing, considering the damage it might have done to him if he had landed on it. Pain still burning across his shoulders, he pushed himself onto all fours and crawled across to reclaim his weapon then scuttled to the edge to look down.
Lights from the building and the large moon of Lyagnius revealed all. A brigade of Nercaandi soldiers marched in pairs across the gardens. Some had already ventured beyond the natural barrier of blue-gray boulders ringing the edge of the impact crater that housed the base. Keir leaned on the raised ledge of the roof as he watched them. Were they just scouting the area or looking specifically for him?
He tugged one hand through the black curls of his hair. What had they done with Quin?

And that's where I'm going to leave you and Keir hanging. Bwahahaa! Want to know what happens next? You can now pick up Keir's Fall at most reputable online retailers in digital format - print coming soon.
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And book one is still 99 cents/Euros/pence until the end of the year.
A Science Fiction Romance Novel
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  1. I likr the description of the ice-white glow of the full moon. Good to see Keir on form!

  2. it sure seems to be getting a little extra intense. From the proverbial frying pan into the fire. Love the disappearing man animation on the cover! Always the innovator!

  3. Painful! Something tells me they are looking for him!


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