Friday, 4 March 2016

#SFRBShowcase - She Doesn't Trust Me #spaceopera #scifirom

Hello, and welcome to the March edition of the Science Fiction Romance Brigade Showcase. This time I'm sharing a short excerpt from my upcoming hot space opera short Quickshot, releasing 31st March but up for pre-order now. In this snippet, we get to share a very brief snapshot from the hero's point of view, and he's slightly distracted at first...

She doesn’t trust me. Hell, he wouldn’t trust him either, but then he knew better. He’d been monitoring her and a couple of others as potential exit routes, but in the end his approach had been hasty and definitely unplanned. He’d been lucky. Very lucky.
Yeah, especially as the other two possibilities weren’t female, human, or as sexy as the woman sitting in front of me—
He cut the thought dead. Focus! But he couldn’t forget how she’d kissed him, how his fleeting contact with her soft skin had been like caressing warm silk. How her shoulder-length black braids hung around a narrow, finely-sculpted face with a temptingly full mouth. How she lounged in the chair with careless ease, yet with a hint of barely restrained energy in every muscled line and luscious curve of her body. How her amber eyes scorched him head to toe, assessing him so deeply he felt naked, wanting, and yet totally inadequate at the same time.
“Thirty thousand.”
Her demand snapped him out of his daydream and left him cold, effectively dousing the moment of heated desire.
You can check out the blurb and opening preview at Amazon by clicking on the link below the cover. And if you want more, please check out the other participants in the Showcase by clicking the image at the top of the post.
A Space Opera Short Story
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  1. Nothing like a demand for a ton of money to squelch desire. LOL!

  2. Fun build up to the instant let down!

  3. That was great, LOVE it. The demand for 30,000 at the end of the snippet is definitely cold water on his somewhat heated thoughts LOL. Great excerpt!


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