Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Tuesday Teaser - Prophecy by Lea Kirk #scifi #romance #spaceopera

A firm hand clamped over her mouth. “Alexandra.”
Her eyes flew open. Eyes as deep and blue as the Pacific bore into hers. She knew this man.
“I am Gryf, Alexandra. It is over. The invasion is over, and you live. Your brother lives. Remember?” He kept speaking, repeating his words until a switch seemed to flip in her head and her brain tuned back into reality.
It’d been a dream; her memory replaying the events of the attack. Again. A tremor wracked through her. Four days in this cell, four days of horrific dreams every time she dozed off. It was getting to the point that she was afraid to fall asleep.
Gryf released her, his hand moving to stroke her hair away from her face. Why was he so good at calming her after these bouts? Better even than Nicky. Could that have something to do with his Gift? She was still unclear what his Gift was, as Matirans didn’t seem to be big on advertising themselves.
She leaned into his palm and let her eyes drift shut.
“It is okay now, Alexandra,” he crooned.
“It’s not.” It never would be again.
“It is.”
Her eyes snapped open. “Gryf, have you ever seen an Anferthian? They’re massive, cold-blooded killers, and they….”
“Shhh. Not all of them are so.”
Sure they weren’t. She twisted her mouth. “I haven’t met one I like yet.” Not that she’d encountered many. Just the one who’d knocked her out.
“I imagine not.”
And he had? He had a lot more intergalactic experience than she did, so maybe it was possible. But she wasn’t buying into that one without absolute proof—which didn’t exist. Those green bastards were evil. She drew a deep breath and exhaled the last vestiges of her nightmare.
“Are you well?” Gryf asked.
“Yeah, I’m okay.” As okay as she could be, given present circumstances. His hand moved to cup her head just behind her ear, and tension eased from her neck and shoulder muscles. Amazing. “Gryf, may I ask you something?”
“Of course.”
“Is there any hope of escape?”

A nightmare of galactic proportions…
One normal day turns into horror when Earth is attacked. Now ER nurse Alexandra Bock is imprisoned aboard an alien slave ship with no way out. She deems all aliens untrustworthy, including the handsome blue-skinned Matiran captain who shares her cell.
A betrayal from within…
One night of treachery leaves Senior Captain Gryf Helyg a prisoner of his enemies. Because of him, Earth’s inhabitants face extinction and his home world is threatened. But his plans for escape are complicated by his inexplicable draw to the Earth woman imprisoned with him.
A chance to save both their peoples…
One ancient prophecy holds the key to free Alexandra and Gryf’s war-ravaged worlds. Can two wounded souls who have lost everything learn to trust and forgive in order to fulfill the prophecy, and find a love that will last for eternity?



Amazon Author Page: amazon.com/author/leakirk
 Lea Kirk loves to transport her readers to other worlds with her romances of science fiction and time travel. Her fascination with science fiction began at six years old when her dad introduced her to the original Star Trek TV series. She fell in love with the show, and was even known to run through her parents’ house wearing the tunic top of her red knit pantsuit and her white go-go boots pretending to be Lieutenant Uhura. By nine years old she knew she wanted to be a writer, and in her teens she read her first romance and was hooked.
Ms. Kirk lives in Northern California with her wonderful hubby of twenty-five years and their five kids (aka, the nerd herd). She’s also proud of her seven times great-grandson. Apparently her stories will inspire James T. to join Star Fleet Academy. She learned this in the 1980’s when James sought out her counsel on where to find a pair of humpback whales.

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