Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Read Only Wednesday - Hidden In Ashes (A'yen's Legacy 5) by Rachel Leigh Smith #futuristic #romance

Read Only Wednesday is when I mention a book I've just read, about to read, or adding to my TBR pile. This week it's Hidden in Ashes, book five in the A'yen's Legacy series. I've already read and reviewed the previous four but I'm still behind in keeping up to date with this series. Oops.

Childhood enmity turns to love, with one problem: his heart isn't his to give.

Lorin is a daro, a Lokmane trained to make humans feel special and valued. As Prime of Arkos House, no one stands between him and the safety of the daros under his care—except his mistress. The dead one, and the new one. He needs to focus on the Essence crisis infiltrating the Houses, and his sister's safety. Not figure out how to balance his duties with falling in love.

When her mother dies, emotionally wounded Sagira Memeos becomes the Marcasian Empire’s newest High Lady. And reluctant owner of the most sought after daro in said empire. He’s her childhood nemesis, and way too sexy for his own good. With his kindness finding its way into her bruised soul, asking for his help to navigate her succession to ruling high lady probably isn't her brightest idea.

Lorin wants Sagira. But not if he has to pay for it with innocent lives. She’s a distraction he can't afford while the bedrock of Marcasian high society is under attack. Not to mention facing losing his sister to the man who wounded Sagira. If the daro houses fall, all hope of freedom goes with them.
368 pages, $4.99

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