Thursday, 1 September 2016

The Return of Gethyon #scifi #adventure

A Scifi Adventure Novel
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So while I was on my seven week social media break (well, mostly), I finally finished the edits on Gethyon--my last book with a publisher that was returned to me in June. It's been a long haul! I'm hoping to do the cover reveal next week (I've not long had the drafts from the cover artist--RavenFire Media), but the ebook is already up at digital retailers via the links above, and print will be coming in the very near future. Planned release date for the ebook is the 22nd of September. Woot!
Gethyon has a new cover, new content (an extra 12.5K words plus the short story The Bones of the Sea), and a whole new blurb!

Abandoned. Hunted. Out of control.

Gethyon Rees had always felt at odds with the universe, and hoped for an escape among the stars. But discovering he has the ability to cross time and space with just a thought brings more problems than it solves: a deadly bounty hunter who can follow him anywhere, the unwelcome return of Tarquin Secker—the mother who abandoned him—and an ancient darkness that seeks him and all those with his talents.

When an unforgivable act sets him on the run, it’ll take more than his unearthly powers to save his skin and the lives of those he cares about. It’ll take a sacrifice he never expected to have to make.

A science fiction adventure novel previously published by BURST (Champagne Books), and part of the Travellers Universe. A 2014 SFR Galaxy Award Winner for Most Awesome Psychic Talent and a 2015 EPIC eBook Awards finalist in the Science Fiction category. Also now includes the SF short story The Bones of the Sea.

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