Friday, 24 January 2014

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Last Chance
To grab

This is the funniest book I’ve ever written. And today is your last chance to download it at the exceptionally inexpensive cost of FREE.

Most of my reviewers declare it hysterically funny and an easy read, so try it out and then if you love it, a week from now you can snare book 2, Oh Stupid Heart, for 99 cents on Jan 29th.

Then you can grab Book 3, Coming to Reason, any time after Feb 3rd. (That’s when it releases.)

What this means mathematically, is that you get the three books at a 58% discount from regular price which returns in Feb 1.  But only if you grab Worst Week Ever today and Oh Stupid Heart on Jan 29th.

Now, I’ll take questions from the audience.
Liza: You, the lady in big hat.

Old Matron: I’ve heard these books are over the top. I don’t approve of such things.
Liza: Which is no doubt why you can’t smile. But honestly, I don’t personally think the things that go on in this book are over the top. That would imply they could never happen in real-life and at least in my real life, crazier stuff than this goes on all the time. I’m telling you, ma’am, if you’d wear a normal size hat, you would see a great deal of crazy stuff occurring on a regular basis around you.
Old Matron: Why do you think I wear this hat? I don’t approve of ‘stuff’ going on.
Liza: Next Question. Adorable tow-head kid up front.
Tow-head: Would you make a movie about the book? I don’t read many words yet.
Liza: Give it time. No wait, when you get older, you’ll still want the movie version because you’ll have a girl to cuddle in dark with.
Tow head: ewwwwww! Girls have couties.
Liza: I’ll let your mom know. Expect a lecture.
But in the meantime, 3,2,1, roll tape:
Liza: Okay last question. Old Guy in the back.
Old Guy: Will this week never end? I’m getting really tired.
Liza: Eventually, it will, but it takes a whole book to do it. So remove your hats, learn to read, and wake up.
This is the last day to get Worst Week Ever for free!
Last question. Lady in the middle.
Guy: I’m a guy, jerk.
Liza: Sorry, the hair mesmerized me. What’s your question?
Guy: I’ve already read Worst Week Ever. Any chance you’ve got a deal on Oh Stupid Heart?
Liza: Yes, but it’s next week: Jan 29th Oh Stupid Heart can be bought for 99 cents during a countdown. Then each day after, the price increases by a dollar, until it returns to its regular price.
Guy: $3.99 is still a great price.
Liza: Yes, it is. I’m impressed you know that. There must be a brain under that hair.
Guy: Yeah, and you’re still a jerk.
Liza: Well, that’s all the questions I have time for.

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We could all use $50 bucks. Am I right or am I right? Liza is RIGHT Finally!  
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  1. Thanks for letting me misbehave on your site.
    I had fun

  2. Great interview and loved this novel! Google+'d :)

  3. I can't wait to read your books. I've already picked up the first! :) Maybe you should send the child to me so I can help him read.

  4. LOL!! Loved it, and tweeted. I am going read these over vacation!!

  5. Daryl, glad you liked it. I was a bit crazed when I wrote this.

  6. Melissa, I'll ask Rebecca Royce, but she's got first dibs on the little boy.

  7. Just don't drink and read. Huge spew alert on book 1

  8. No, I always new something was wrong.


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