Friday, 22 February 2013

You Choose the Prize

Good morning lovely people! With my next book coming out in June, I've been browsing around looking at pretty things for me to giveaway as a prize to celebrate the release of my YA scifi novel Gethyon. I love shiny things, and while I'd rather keep them for myself (sorry) I also like to give pressies to other people. And I struck lucky. I found what I think is the perfect thing. Unfortunately, I then found two more. So, I decided the best way to choose was to let you all pick what you'd like to win. Below are the three options, and the poll where you can vote, but if you'd like to let me know why you chose a particular one in the hope of swaying me, or if you have other suggestions, please leave me a comment.

Let me explain what all the fuss is about. In Gethyon, my young hero's prized possession is a device called a CHI - Crystalline Holographic Imager. It's a large, hexagonal clear crystal capable of projecting holographic panoramas. In Gethyon's case, it's an astronomical display, which leads him into trouble. But I digress... Here are the pretties, and the reasons I've chosen each.

Option One - Clear

For option one I give you - the CHI! Well, not a real one obviously, but this is exactly how I saw the device in my head, and I couldn't believe my luck when I found these. But maybe a clear one is a bit dull? It's certainly not going to produce all the beautiful and terrible images Gethyon sees in the real thing, but catch the light and it'll sparkle brighter than a Twilight vampire.

Option Two - Green

 Now, as you may have noticed from the cover image for Gethyon at the top of this post, green features quite heavily in the artwork. Isn't that nova background just gorgeous?! My young hero has green eyes too. So maybe the CHI crystal in glorious green? It's not emerald, I'm sorry to say, but it is a pretty colour. Do you sense a certain favoritism here?

Option Three - Black

 Lastly, there's this one. Looks a bit menacing, right? The villain of this piece is a dark, amorphous entity called the Siah-dhu - cue dramatic music along the lines of Darth Vader's Imperial March or something. So a black crystal would symbolize that very nicely. Or maybe not? I just can't decide!

So those are my three choices which I must decide between. Of course, I'd lurve to buy all three and give them away, but alas! I can't afford it. I have to have some pennies left to buy cookies, coffee, and to pay my therapist. However, there will be other goodies to go with the giveaway in June when I begin my tour for Gethyon, so I hope you'll come back then and see which option won. Because I'm going to keep the results a secret until then, shhhhh!


  1. Ooo, yay!! Love free things!! Green IS my fave color...but, I chose the black b/c of the villain aspect :P Great post, Pippa! I wanna win!! bynum.karen(at)gmail(dot)com

    Thanks for offering a great contest!!

  2. I voted for both green and black, because they both work. Maybe you could have it be a choice? Whoever wins can choose if they want the hero's CHI, or the villain's. (Not sure if the villain actually has one, but it would work thematically? Maybe?)

    Just a thought. :) Not sure if you can afford 2 instead of 3, or if you wanted to leave the purchasing until the winner made their choice...? Idk.

  3. I voted clear. Why? Well, why not give away something that looks like it jumped out of the book and into your hand?


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