Thursday, 22 September 2016

Release Day: Gethyon (A Travellers Universe Novel) #scifi #adventure #timetravel #excerpt

Abandoned. Hunted. Out of control. 
Gethyon is back! And with additional new and bonus content.

Gethyon Rees had always felt at odds with the universe, and hoped for an escape among the stars. But discovering he has the ability to cross time and space with just a thought brings more problems than it solves: a deadly bounty hunter who can follow him anywhere, the unwelcome return of Tarquin Secker--the mother who abandoned him--and an ancient darkness that seeks him and all those with his talents. 

When an unforgivable act sets him on the run, it'll take more than his unearthly powers to save his skin and the lives of those he cares about. It'll take a sacrifice he never expected to have to make.

A science fiction adventure novel previously published by BURST (Champagne Books), and part of the Travellers Universe. A 2014 SFR Galaxy Award Winner for Most Awesome Psychic Talent and a 2015 EPIC eBook Awards finalist in the Science Fiction category. Also now includes the SF short story The Bones of the Sea.

A Scifi Adventure Novel
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They reached the wide archway that led from the vast tower foyer into one of the main thoroughfares of Penrith complex. Gethyon leaned against the wall and passed Kauri to Sky, both of whom protested. “Just for a moment,” he assured them, sucking in deep breaths. He stared down at his scarred palm, trying to dredge up some power. “I don’t think I can open a gateway here.”
Sky’s white skin meant he was incapable of turning any paler, but the crystalline eyes widened. “Then where?”
Gethyon ran through their options. There was no psi-energy source here that he could use, not like on Lyagnius. The only alternative would be to reopen one of his old gateways, where the barrier was already broken. It was the method Quin used: her talent didn’t extend to opening new gateways as he could.
“We need to go back to Lyagnius.”
Sky shifted Kauri as she squealed in his ear, overriding even the endless sirens and the scream of the approaching storm. “Then we’ll have to run.”
The walls shook as they ran, the ground trembling underfoot. Kauri screamed louder, and the sound ripped through his head until they ducked into the sub-city. Here, the shrieking of the Siah-dhu was muted, an eerie howl on the edge of hearing. They scurried through the tunnel until they reached the last gateway Gethyon had made.
“Here,” he announced weakly as Sky made to run onward. The haemovore stopped and waited. Gethyon lifted his hand, reached for gateway…and felt nothing.
Panic rose in black, chilling waves. Kauri wailed, her voice a blade through his skull.
Focus! He closed his eyes, clenched his fists, and tried to seal his mind against her cries, against the banshee call of the Siah-dhu as the darkness of it seeped into him, into every corner of his mind. It smothered all light, every thread of power within him. He dug his nails into his palms, used the pain to fuel his anger, to spark the flames deep in his soul.
Silver and blue flickers answered, small and fleeting. He plowed his grief and fury into them, the sharpness of his loss and the blind rage of his hatred for Jinx. The energy flared into life, so furiously that his knees buckled at the wildness of it. Gethyon gasped. It wasn’t the same as before. This was the raw power that had been part of his awakening talent as a child, but summoned by force, not a frenzied release spurred by panic. It roared through his veins, fire and ice, splinters and flame that melded and scorched along his nerves. He felt as though his skin would peel back and char at the ferocity of it, his blood vaporize, his bones melt. With a scream, he opened his eyes, and blue fire flared across his vision as he raised his palm and sent the full force of it outward. Azure lightning surged into the gateway, shattered the seal, and blew it open.
“Go,” he commanded, and Sky dived through with Kauri screeching in his arms.
A cold wind blasted his back, and Gethyon turned his head, glancing over his left shoulder. Darkness seethed into the tunnel behind, a billowing, writhing mass of shadow tinged with sullen red and lurid purple in his heightened vision.
He couldn’t move. His feet seemed pinned to the floor, his muscles locked into rigid immobility. The Siah-dhu howled at him, their voice leaching all will and power from him. Despite the sparks of energy within him, the darkness writhed through his gut, gnawing with jagged teeth as it twisted though his mind. It was hunger magnified a thousand times, as if the vacuum of space had opened inside him. He fell to his knees.
Gethyon. Not quite a voice, not quite any sound he’d ever heard, the Siah-dhu called his name. The roiling mass drew closer. Ice blasted over him and stole all the breath and warmth from him, sucking the life out of him.
“No.” The single word snatched him back from the edge. He hadn’t come so far or lost so much to surrender.
As the Siah-dhu pulsed toward him, intent on his consumption, he forced himself up again and turned his back on the shadows. It was the hardest thing he’d ever done, to resist that pull into oblivion. The edges of the black cloud twined around him, incorporeal fingers striving to grasp him, seething forward to swallow him…
The world disappeared.

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